Dr JN Cakic

Specialist Orthopaedic surgeon
MD, FCS (SA) Orth, MMed (Orth) WITS, PhD(Med)WITS

Patient experiences

I struggled with my left hip for over a year before I saw Chuck & had seen several physiotherapists and an osteopath, none of whom had helped long term. Chuck diagnosed my condition in less than 5 minutes & constructed a plan to correct.

Patient experiences

Maureen Collins

I have had both hips replaced, the first one three years before the second. The second operation, performed by Dr Cakic, was about 20%, if even that, of the pain and misery of the first.
Second time around I slept easily from the night after the operation, on my side. I was mobile on one crutch around the house after four days. I started walking every day after two weeks, carrying a crutch and then a stick “just in case”. I started the exercises from the bio-kineticist about ten days after the op. I was back at gym after two months and back on my horse after four. By six months I had virtually forgo

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Recovery videos

24 hours after surgery

10 days after surgery

2 Weeks after surgery

1 month after surgery